Trial Results/Settlements

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Below are some of our past results and testimonials. Every case is different. Each case must be evaluated and handled on its own merits. A prospective client’s individual facts and circumstances may differ from the results or testimonials that have been given. Not all results or testimonials are provided. Testimonials are not necessarily representative of all clients’ experience with the lawyer. The information is not reviewed or approved by the Florida Bar.

Motor Vehicle Accident Cases in Florida

$300,000 – Client was involved in an motor vehicle accident. Client injured her neck and back, which required spinal surgery.

$250,000 – Client was involved in a motorcycle accident where he suffered a broken arm, a chipped tooth and road rash.

$145,000 – Client was rear ended while stopped at a traffic light. Client was in a state of shock and went to primary care physician because of pain throughout his head (including dizziness), his left leg, shoulder, neck and back.

$125,000 – Client was rear ended and suffered multiple injuries to his neck, mid and lower back, and pain and weakness down his left arm.

$96,600 – Client was involved in a motor vehicle accident. She suffered multiple disc bulges and herniations.

Slip and Falls Cases

$235,000 – Client slipped and fell inside of a store. She required spinal surgery as a result.

$135,000 – Client slipped and fell at apartment complex stairs. He required spinal surgery as a result.

$40,000 – Client slipped and fell on a wet floor. She suffered lingering pain in her spine/neck, headaches, vertigo and memory issues.

$40,000 – Client slipped and fell on puddle inside of a parking lot. She injured her neck, back, shoulders, left hip/leg, and a torn MCL.

$25,000 – Client slipped and fell on a unknown substance inside of a supermarket. Client suffered injuries to his neck and back.

Trip and Fall Cases

$45,000 – Client tripped and fell inside of a bus after it was involved in a car accident. Multiple injuries to her knees and wrists.

$40,000 – Client tripped and fell down defective stairs in garage. Injured her right knee.

$15,000 – Client tripped and fell while walking in the parking lot owned. Client injured her neck, back and knee.

$15,000 – Client, a minor, tripped over pool pipe drain. Injured mouth/upper lip area.

$15,000 – Client’s sandal was caught on the escalator. Client, a minor, twisted her leg, knee and ankle.

General Negligence Cases

$97,000 – Client was electrocuted and suffered minor burns and scarring.

$75,000 – Heavy shelving fell on client, leading to traumatic brain injury.

$75,000 – A defective lift gate fell on client’s foot injuring him significantly.

$35,000 – Client fell through a broken/rotted through gutter grate that was covered by plywood. He sustained multiple back injuries and gash on his leg.

$25,000 – Client was injured when a chair he was sitting in broke beneath him while residing in a hotel.